04 May 2007

Why America needs Fred Thompson

After reading all the hooey that the Dems up on the Hill are trying to do to ruin this country, we need a guy like Fred! to sheaks things up, and poke 'em in the eye with a sharp stick. Especially if they keep cozying up to people like Michael "(defies a nickname)" Moore. And Fred! even tells us so, here.
The truth is that Cuban medical care has never recovered from Castro’s takeover — when the country’s health care ranked among the world’s best. He won the support of the Cuban people by promising to replace Batista’s dictatorship with free elections, and to end corruption. Once in power, though, he made himself dictator and instituted Soviet-style Communism. Cubans not only failed to regain their democratic rights, their economy plunged into centrally planned poverty.

As many as half of Cuba’s doctors fled almost immediately — and defections continue to this day. Castro won’t allow observers in to monitor his nation’s true state, but defectors tell us that many Cubans live with permanent malnutrition and long waits for even basic medical services. Many treatments we take for granted aren’t available at all — except to the Communist elite or foreigners with dollars.

For them, Castro keeps “show” clinics equipped with the best medicines and technologies available. It was almost certainly one of these that Moore went to, if the stories in the NY Post and The Daily News are true.
Just like all these liberals who go around crowing about how the Repressive Republic of China has "freedom of religion" because the gov't there has propped up a few official "churches", much the same thing is happening in Cuba. The Sean Penn's, the Michael Moore's, all the Hollywood loonie lefties go to Cuba, look inside an official government "hospital", and come away thinking, "Oh, that Castro, he's such a wonderful man!!!" And it's all a bunch of hooey.

This country needs someone who will say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done. The name of that person isn't Rudy, or Mitt. Sorry.

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