16 May 2007

Who knew?

Who knew that using your business as a front for Islamic terrorists would be bad for business? From the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler (italics denote added commentary):
The father of one of the Ft. Dix Six, whose business was going to be a cover for penetrating the base perimeter in order to murder as many American servicemen and their families as possible, is now whining about how his business has taken a hit because of it (Link thanks to Sir Christopher):

COOKSTOWN, New Jersey (AP) — The father of one of the six men charged with plotting to massacre soldiers at Fort Dix says the business that he’s nurtured near the base for years is all but ruined since his son’s arrest.

Muslim Tatar, who has owned Super Mario’s Pizza for five years, said his lunchtime crowd from nearby McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix has largely disappeared, replaced by empty tables and nasty words from passing motorists.

“Now I am a target,” Tatar, 52, said, adding that his business is “99 percent dead.”

Awwww… Ain’t that just saaaaaaaaaaaaaad?
Isn’t there a law that requires people to frequent the businesses of people related to terrorists? There isn’t?

“Normally we’d be almost full. People liked this place, and Tatar is a very friendly owner,” Cline told The Star-Ledger of Newark for Saturday’s newspapers. “But people drive by, they give us the finger.”

Cline said delivery business is also hurting since the restaurant can no longer bring food to Fort Dix or McGuire Air Force Base.

Bigots. Just because a business is to be used as a cover for murdering innocents, all of a sudden nobody wants them to drive around on their facilities.

Federal authorities say there is no evidence that the elder Tatar knew of his son’s plot, and Muslim Tatar said their relationship had waned in recent years, as his son had fallen in with what he described as a bad crowd.

“Bad crowd” meaning, in this case, a bunch of Islamic, murdering, fanatical pissants determined to murder as many innocents as they could.

Ever heard of this thing called “parenting”, Mr. Tatar, or was it invented after the 7th century and therefore unknown to you and your “religion?”
Google It!

PS--If you go to their website, and are offended by certain words, beware. They do use a couple bad words every once in a while, but nothing like Daily Kos or Democratic Underground or Huffington Post, where it's a requirement.

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