16 May 2007

What is Planned Parenthood so afraid of?

A few days ago I posted about how Planned Parenthood was caught telling a girl posing as a 15-year old to fake her age so that (1) she could get and abortion, (2) her "boyfriend" wouldn't have to go to jail, and (3) the abortionist could get some more money in his pocket. Well, apparently Planned Parenthood doesn't cotton too well to being PWN3D. According to the Christian Post:
Planned Parenthood, the leading provider of surgical abortions, has threatened to file a lawsuit against an 18-year-old student journalist at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Lilia Rose, who is the student editor and founder of the student pro-life magazine The Advocate, was contacted by the pro-choice organization after she recorded herself going into a clinic in Santa Monica, Calif., posing as a 15-year-old pregnant girl. She went in for an “abortion” with a man named James O’Keefe, who acted as her 23-year-old boyfriend, which would be considered statutory rape.

The tapes reveal that she was advised by employees to invent a birthday, so she did not appear to be 15, making her situation legal. A letter from Planned Parenthood expressed to her that she had no right to tape the incident, and that she did so without their consent.
You know what the irony is here? That Planned Parenthood doesn't think that minors should have to get consent from their parents before they enter into a butcher shop abortion clinic. But, when it comes to exposing Planned Parenthood for the monsters they are, then consent is everything.

The Post goes on to mention:
According to Rose, Planned Parenthood has had numerous incidences in the past.

One such example occurred when Life Dynamics, a Texas-based non-profit organization, hired an actress to make approximately 800 phone calls to abortion facilities across several states, acting as a 13-year-old girl. (Watch the video) She described herself as a victim of sexual assault, but 91 percent of the locations that admitted the action was a crime agreed to conceal it.
And yet none of these places is prosecuted. None of these places is investigated by any governmental agency. Women die every day from abortions. Many more are harmed for life. Butchers who maim these women simply pack up and move on to a new town, set up shop, and start their butchery all over again. And the government isn't doing a thing about it. That's why the world needs more young people like Lilia Rose, who isn't afraid to take on the Planned Parenthood machine, and expose them for who they are.

Planned Parenthood is scared. They and their like are going down the tubes, Roe v. Wade is coming ever so much closer to being overturned, and abortionists are fixin' to see their businesses crash and burn in a fiery heap. And they're scared. And they should be.

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