25 May 2007

"Truthers" admit to making "dubious claims"

Over at The Jawa Report, Good Lt. has posted two videos of a debate between Truthers (see definition at right) and Mark Roberts. The videos are about 25 minutes long, so make sure you have time to view them in full. It really takes you inside the mind of a truther (Be careful, however. If you've ever seen "Event Horizon", you remember what happened to the kid that stepped through the black goo.)

One of the Truthers in the video is Dylan Avery, one of the creators of the goofy "Loose Change" movie. Now, get this: about 7:20 into the first video, he says that this movie is not accurate, there are many mistakes, and many "dubious claims". Yet these people are screaming for "9/11 truth!!!!" Yeah. They might want to actually look up the word "truth" in a dictionary sometime. Because apparently, they wouldn't know it if it came up and slapped them in the face.

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