03 May 2007

Queen Nan: an ode to al-Masri

Over at The Nose On Your Face, Buckley F. Williams has posted a statement from Queen Nan from SanFran, lamenting the passing of her most curteous friend, Abu Ayyub al-Masri. Notice how she points out the tenderness he expressed during their courtship:
As we strolled through the streets of Baghdad late at night on fact-finding missions, Abu was always careful to take my cultural upbringing into consideration. Knowing that I am a strong, liberated American woman, he allowed me to walk five paces behind him instead of the standard ten. He also let me keep both of my eyes and my nose uncovered on our evening jaunts.
Sad thing is, that a lot of women actually buy into the fraud that Arab men perpetrate. They make these women feel so loved, cared for, etc. But once they are married, they practically dissapear from sight. But don't tell Nan. She's too busy fawning over Bashar Assad to pay any attention.

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