14 May 2007

Of all the things Rosie misses...

Nah, I really don't think she misses her mind. Or her sanity. Or any ability she might have ever had to put together a coherent thought. Case in point (via Hot Air):
On ABC’s “The View” this morning, host Rosie O’Donnell once again brought up her kooky 9/11 conspiracy theory about WTC #7, this time involving then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani. According to Big Ro, Giuliani ordered steel from WTC #7 be moved to China before any testing could be done. Pregnant co-host and conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck couldn’t help but laugh.

Later in the segment co-host Joy Behar tries to dismiss Giuliani’s heroic role in the aftermath of 9/11, saying he didn’t remove Command Control from the World Trade Center. And guess which building that was in? WTC #7! The building, according to Rosie, that “mysteriously collapsed.” This gave Ro yet another chance to explain Trutherism to the audience.
When is she going to just give it up and come back and join the rest of us in our cozy little community we like to call "reality"? Is she, and the rest of the conspiracy theory-driven, "Bushco-Halliburton-Neocon"-hating left that unhinged that they can't do anything other than come up with these half-baked conspiracies?

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