16 May 2007

MSNBC: fact-checker needed immediately

WANTED: Fact-checker. Must be able to distinguish between websites which disseminate actual news, and sites that are simply satire. Needed immediately. Apply to: MSNBC.

What has been the hue and cry of left-wing media outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, and Pravda CNN when talking about bloggers, especially those of us on the right? That we don't check our facts, that we're a bunch of knee-jerk neocons. Well, that theory fell apart last night on PMSNBC, during a discussion concerning the late Rev. Jerry Falwell.

Apparently, the folks over at PMSNBC don't know how to check their facts before they put something on the air. Case in point, an exchange last night between between Chrissy Matthews and Contessa Brewer on Matthews' show Goofball Screwball Hardball (via Hot Air). Ms. Brewer contends that whitehouse.org was quoted as saying that Rev. Falwell was
"...the de facto executive director of domestic and global policy for the White House."
Problem: whitehouse.org is a PARODY SITE!! Not only is it NOT the official White House website, it is in fact and Anti-Bush website, and not a whole lot of what they say is factual. This would be like somebody saying that they get their facts from Keith "Hey! You! I'll pay you ten bucks to watch my show" Olbermann.

But, our intrepid Ms. Brewer just can't bring herself to admit that her staffer got PWN3D, and simply blathers somthing about whitehouse.org pushing some idea that Falwell influenced Bush's policies, blah blah blah. The funny thing is, the poeople at PMSNBC and the 100 or so people who watch it on a regular basis actually believe that it is an information network.

I wonder about the people who make up the "layers of fact-checking" that the Drive-By media brag about. Do they consider it news if it appears in Weekly World News, or does The Onion have to verify it?

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