14 May 2007

Katie Couric--"It can't be because of ME!!"

Apparently, Katie Couric and several big-wigs at CBS News are under the impression that Katie's historically LOW ratings don't have anything at all to do with Her Perkiness (via The Anchoress):
Hype aside, is it really such a big deal for Katie Couric to be anchoring a network news show when women have been anchoring at CNN, MSNBC and yes, even FOX for many years? CBS went out of it’s way to hire a showcase female for a serious job, and then wonders why no one cares, but the truth is, when women are the majority in law schools and med schools, as they are today, when they are reporters and soldiers on the front and pilots flying fighter jets, is Couric really such a “trailblazer” to be reading a teleprompter on a network news show?

And is it the viewer’s fault that they find nothing compelling in her doing so, or is it simply that - despite the feminist narrative - we’re now accustomed to women being in all sorts of positions, so it’s just not a big deal? It may matter to the denizens of the Upper West Side, for whom no headway is ever acknowledged on the “isms” front, but for the rest of the world - the world that sees just how ordinary it is for women to assume leadership roles, it’s just a yawn. Twenty years ago it might have been “enough” for Couric to have gotten into the anchor chair. Today her being a woman is not enough…she has to be good at her job, too, and she simply is not. Her weaknesses are all too apparent, and they are not weaknesses of her sex, but of her self.
Some of it could just be because people got so tired of her whole "I AM the Today Show!!" attitude, and how she was supposed to be the greatest thing to happen to the Nightly News since John Chancellor.

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