15 May 2007

From "Boundless" webzine: an article by a former homosexual

Is it possible that a former homosexual can find true joy and freedom renouncing his sin, and truning to Christ for salvation? Of course! Before we know Christ, we are slaves to sin. And we don't even know it. We think that being a Christian means following a bunch of rules and regulations, and that we have to be PERFECT!! Thing is, we are only made perfect by the blood of Jesus. But listen to this testimony from the article's author, Randy Thomas:
The Father brought back the memory of Ron and me together as a couple. In my memory we were in an embrace and I saw the Lord standing next to us. We were oblivious to His presence and He was grieving. His grief was so bitter I could see Him shaking with tears as He looked upon us. I was immediately struck with grief that God was so grieved. It's a grief I will never forget.

At that point I felt the Spirit asking me, "Randy ... what is the sin?" The only Scripture I knew was Leviticus 18:22 (that's only because it was on the signs that the Christians held up at pride parades and outside of clubs). I told the Lord that I didn't like that Scripture. But He persisted, "What is the sin?" I thought through the verse again: "When one man lies with another as a woman it is an abomination before the Lord." The word "it" jumped out at me. I sensed the Spirit asking, "What is 'it'?"

I answered, "A gender neutral pronoun?" I was a little surprised that in the middle of this powerful time the Holy Spirit would be giving me an English pop quiz. I felt Him say, "EXACTLY!!!"

Then my world fell apart over one little word. "It" meant that I was not the abomination, Ron was not the abomination. It was the abomination — the act itself was keeping Ron and me looking toward each other and not to God for fulfillment of who we were and what God intended. For the first time in my life I knew that God is aware of every secret and not-so-secret thing I have done. Instead of sending hellfire and brimstone, He sent a grieving Savior to pay the price of my ignorance and sin.

He forgave and redeemed me.
We, as Christians, do not hate homosexuals. We are commanded to tell them the truth, however, that as long as they are in their sin, they have a cloud of judgment over their heads. That GOD loves them, and wants them to repent of their sins.

In other words, yes, GOD loves the sinner and hates the sin. It is a sin, however, that is no different than any other sexual sin, such as adultery or fornication. And like any other sin, there is freedom in repenting from it:
I want you, dear reader, to walk away encouraged to know that God knows you and all you have done, and He loves you regardless. I want you to discover what I have discovered: that self-sufficiency never works; the only real freedom is a selfless approach to all of our relationships. By living this way, the Lord releases us to live up to our potential for which He created us.

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