17 May 2007

FREEDOM EDEN: Ron Paul as Rosie O'Donnell

From FREEDOM EDEN comes this post about what completely silly 9/11 truther-slash-Blame America guy that Ron Paul (R-Trutherland) really is:
“Who did that?” Paul snapped. “Who blamed America?”

“Well, your critics felt that you did.”

“No, I blamed bad policy over 50 years that leads to anti-Americanism,” Paul said. “That’s little bit different from saying ‘blame America.’ Don’t put those words in my mouth.”

“But the policies were bad American policies?”

“We’ve had an interventionist foreign policy for 50 years that has come back to haunt us,” Paul continued. “So that’s not ‘Blame America’ — that’s demagoguing, distorting issues…That’s deceitful to say those kinds of things.”
That's right, folks. This is a guy that wants to run this country. And don't think there aren't people who think he should.

My goodness people, whatever happened to logic and common sense in this country? First the guys says, "Our policies are to blame!!", then he says, "I'm not blaming America!!! When did I say that??!!!" Of course, ya gotta love the smackdown Giuliani laid on him (Yeah, yeah, I'm giving props to Giuliani. Don't get used to it):
"I don't think I've heard that before [that we invited 9/11 because we were bombing Iraq] and I've heard some pretty bizarre explanations for September 11th."
Folk, you haven't heard "bizarre" until you've heard Ron Paul and his buddies Rosie O'Donnell and Charlie Sheen.

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