29 May 2007

The Creation Museum is now open!!

And just in time for all the Darwinians to show up and protest. I don't know why. Perhaps they're afraid that when kids see thr truth presented to them, instead of all the Darwinian mumbo-jumbo, they just might realize that their science teacher just might need a healthy dose of the truth themselves.

I read where one Darwinian was afraid that "children would see this and buy into [the Creation story]." Uh, yeah. That's kinda the point. The same reason that Darwinians cram their "theories" down kids' throats. Hoping these kids will "buy into" Darwinism.

Directions to the Creation Museum:

From I-75 southbound, I-71 southbound, or I-74 eastbound--Take I-275 South to Exit 11. Turn right on Route 8. Turn left on Bullitsburg Church Rd. Creation Museum will be straight ahead.

From I-75/I-71 northbound--Take I-275 North to Exit 11. After merging onto Route 8, continue straight until you come to Bullitsburg Church Rd. Turn left. Creation Museum will be straight ahead.

May you enjoy your visit, and may you learn the truth of how this universe came to be.

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