17 May 2007

Bushco Halliburton is at it again!

I want the truth!
A skyscraper in the middle of being dismantled near the World Trade Center site was the scene today of an accident today, Thursday May 17th, according to the Associated Press, .A 15-floor sprinkler pipe fell from the former 40-story Deutshe Bank building and smashed through the roof of the nearby firehouse on Thursday, subsequently injuring two firefighters. Demolition work was stopped immediately. The pipe fell onto Engine 10/Ladder 10.
I want to know what was in that firehouse that had the Rove-Bushco-Halliburton-Chimpy-McHitler war machine so scared that they tried to kill the firefighters in that building!! I demand that RosieO, Ron Paul, and Charlie Sheen investigate, and give us the truth!!!!!!!!!

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