06 April 2007

We truly are alone in this thing

Given Queen Nancy's kowtowing to President Assad, and the Brits' inability (unwillingness?) to confront Ahmed-is-a-nutjob about his illegal seizure of British sailors in Iraqi waters, it certainly seems that those who love this country are fighting a rear-guard action to see that we are not overtaken by the Islamofascists and their appeasers.

Queen Nancy's actions are nothing short of dispicable. (That is, if dispicable is short if illegal. See the Logan Act.) Her giving crdibility to Syria as a state that she thinks will be on America's side was...(I just don't have the words). All she has done is embolden that country to forge ahead with it's almost imminent attacks on Israel. And what will she say when those attacks begin, and Israel defends herself? Of course, being a flaming liberal, she will blame Israel.

As for Blair, and his handling of the illegal capture of his sailors, I just can't help but think that if Maggie had still been PM, things would have turned out a whole lot different. But, according to Ms. Glick's article, England was in a bit of a pickle, apparently favoring trade with Iran over their country's sovereignty. Churchill promised to fight them on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields and in the streets, and to fight in the hills, concluding by saying, "...we shall never surrender." Today, that promise would sound more like, "We shall never surrender...maybe."

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