05 April 2007

Today's liberal rantings...

Are brought to you by Sam Fox. Who is Sam Fox? The newly appointed ambassador to Belgium. Why should you care? Why is it a big deal? It's not really. Unless you're a liberal. Then it's the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the world.

I'm sure you're confused, and thinking, "Hey, wait a minute. Didn't that guy withdraw his nomination last week?" Well, you're right. And ooohhh, the loud, clangy choruses of "HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY" rang through the streets of Liberalville. You see, this is a man who gave $50K to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. And who was on the nominating committee for Mr. Fox's appointment? You guessed it, John Heinz-Kerry himself. And oh, the singing and dancing that spilled forth from the left when Mr. Heinz-Kerry pitched his hissy fit about Mr. Fox trying to help defeat him.

But, something happened in the middle of the Democratic Party's recess. While they were out of town, the president said, "Ya know what? Mr. Fox, I'm going to do something that every president has done, all the way back to George Washington. I'm going to use my recess appointment power to name you--and install you--as ambassador to Belgium." I can't print some of the words that those on the left are using to describe what Bush did (and HAD THE POWER TO DO). Let's just say, they ain't happy.


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