19 April 2007

Talk about perspective!

Just got done reading this over at The Anchoress. This post won't make it into some high-brow, we-know-more-than-you-do newspaper, you may not hear it read on a talking-head show. But, to be quite honest with you, it should be.

I must admit I don't visit her site nearly as much as I should. The times I've been there she seems to be one of the calmer voices in the blogosphere (Something yours truly could use more of on occasion), with an uncanny ability to simply lay out there what needs to be said, with a healthy dose of logic and common sense. I like this quote:
The simple truth is that despite what the world via your television is saying to you right now…there is no solution to the problem of human unpredictability. There is no “fixing” this so that it never happens again; it will. Auschwitz happened. Stalinist Slaughter happened. The Killing Fields happened. Sarajevo happened. Somalia happened. Columbine happened. 9/11 happened. The murder of Amish School children happened. This has happened. Something else will happen in the future, and everyone will be shocked and horrified and say “who is to blame, where may we direct our helplessness into productive or self-rightelous rage, and what’s my cut of the lawsuit?”
How many times are we going to hear this? That this tragedy, as brutal and as sad as it is, is not the first ever visited on humanity? Nor does it come close to being the worst? But we will hear from people who know more than we do, for the next few weeks, that nothing has ever come close to this in terms of brutality. And they will be wrong. And logic and common sense will become victims of sound bites and egotism. From a friend of her 17-year-old son:
“There is nothing I can do for those people,” one young man said. “I can feel bad for them because they’re in a world of hurt, and if I were there, I’d have done something, or if I were a cop, an EMT worker or something, I could do something. But I can’t. All I can do is sit here and feel bad for them, which I do, but I can’t wallow in it. That would be like making porn of it.”
If anybody can say it better, I haven't heard them yet.

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