30 April 2007

Linda Chavez: Hillary!'s shady financial dealings

Over at Jewish World Review, Linda Chavez notes how the days of Bill and Hillary! getting away with their shady dealings are slowly waning away. Even the Washington Post, one of the best friends of former Co-Presidents is exposing Her Hillaryness for the fraud she is:
Over the last several days, The Washington Post has put two stories on its front page that reflect this uneasiness. The first focused on Bill Clinton's lucrative speaking engagements, which the Post noted in its headline garnered nearly $40 million since 2001. The second story revealed that, despite Senate ethics rules requiring her to do so, Hillary Clinton failed to disclose the amount of money she and Bill had sheltered from taxes through a family charity they set up when they left the White House (though she amended her disclosures after the story appeared).
I still don't trust Pravda The Washington Post as far as I can throw their office building. Why would they investigate a fellow FlamingLib? Maybe Hillary! isn't the one they want in the White House. Maybe she didn't invite the editor to one of her parties. Maybe she didn't get him tickets to "The Producers." Who knows? But if the voters in this country think that Hillary! is someone they can trust to run this country, we are in some deep...uh, you know. She is still, as William Safire accurately pegged her, a "congenital liar." Trust her to run this country? Not this kid!

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