13 April 2007

Jesse Jackson, you are no Martin Luther King

In fact, he's not really anything anymore. Just a flamed-out shell of a race-baiting opportunist. You see, Dr. King stood for integrating all races, and not directing hate toward those whites that were oppressing blacks through their actions (and/or lack thereof). However, the Revvvv-erend Jack-ssssonnnn took the path of most destruction, always tranferring the hateful actions of one or two individuals onto the rest of the white race.

Let me give you just one example. You probably remember what happened to James Byrd. He was the black man who was dragged to death from behind a pickup truck by a group of bigots in Jasper, Texas back in 1998. Where was Jesse Jackson? Here was a horrific hate crime, and an incident where he could have gotten plenty of face time. It seemed almost custom made for a guy like the Revvvv-erend Jack-ssssonnnn.

But you see, there was a problem. The people of Jasper wanted justice. The WHITE people of Jasper wanted these guys locked up for what they did. Therefore, with no racial tension to fill the coffers of the Revvvv-erend Jack-ssssonnnn's Rainbow Coalition from the stirring up of hatred between whites and blacks, he really didn't see any need to waste his time on some guy that couldn't do anything to help his racist crusade. Basically, he was saying, "Sorry, Mr. Byrd. You can't make me no money, so I just can't be bothered. M'k?"

Now, fast forward to 2007. Don Imus, as liberal as youcan get, calls the Rutgers Lady Scarlet Knights "nappy-headed ho's". A (much-warrented) public hue and outcry rings out. Pressure comes from all directions upon the media networks that carry his (crappy) show on TV and radio to punish him in some way. Imus goes on Al Sharpton's show, gives some lame, half-baked, kinda-apology. Then, he has his meeting with the Grand Poobah of all race-baiters, the Revvvv-erend Jack-ssssonnnn. Well, in the end, even that isn't enough. Imus gets canned (and rightfully so) from CBS Radio, as well as his slot on PMS-NBC. But, if Imus was black, and he called Pat Summitt some kind of name....[crickets chirping, leaves rustling].

OK, so here's the contradiction: If the Revvvv-erend Jack-ssssonnnn is so hung up on "racial equality", blah blah blah, etc. etc. etc., then why was he out there dogging out the Duke LAX players that made a boneheaded mistake of hiring a stripper, with no one to offer any sense of accountability to make sure that nothing happened, calling them "rapists", etc.--when no rape occured, not was there any evidence that one did? Think about it: if it was a bunch of BLACK basketball players, and the stripper was WHITE, and the DA was calling them "rapists" (without using the quantifying word, 'alleged') BEFORE THE TRIAL EVEN STARTED, oh my gosh, you know doggone good and well that the Revvvv-erend Jack-ssssonnnn would have been opening up the ol' race-bait shop and letting out a barrage of verbal bile that would have never ended!

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