30 April 2007

Iran: where freedom rings!!!

No, not really. But to hear people like RosieO, Queen Nan from SanFran, and other flaming libs, women in the United States are under the rule and reign of brutal, Neanderthalish men. Any woman out there, who happnes to be a liberal, how's about ya take a trip over to that hotbed of personal freedom, Tehran? I'm sure they would love to see you show up in your pantsuits, your hip-huggers, and bay-doll shirts. And I'm sure they would be delighted to hear why you think you ought to be able to dress that way. Then, after a long discussion over a cup of chamomile, I'm sure they would give you a big hug, wish you the best, and embrace your feminist views. Uh, yeah, right.

Next time you hear Queen Nan talk about what a nice guy that Mahmoud Ahmed-is-a-nutjob really is, and you really think that she is the person you want in charge of running the House of Representatives, you just might want to call your pharmacist and get a refill for your prescription.

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