24 April 2007

Great post by Frank J.

Over at IMAO, Frank J. pretty much sums up liberal hypocrisy:

* John Edwards talks about two Americas and the divide between the haves and the have-nots while building himself a house the size of Rhode Island and getting $400 beauty treatments he charges to his campaign.

* Al Gore tells us to cut back on our electrical consumption to "save the world" while using as much electricity a day in his house as most African nations use all year.

* John Travolta also tells us to cut back on our consumption while owning jumbo jets for personal use.

* Sheryl Crow tells us to use only one square of toilet paper while dragging around an entire convoy for her personal use to each concert.

* Rosie O'Donnell used to crusade against guns while having her own children protected by armed body guards.

So what's it with liberals and hypocrisy? And not just hypocrisy, but super-mega hypocrisy -- like openly running a brothel while lecturing people on the problem of promiscuity type hypocrisy. Many people wonder how liberals can be such flaming hypocrites and lecturing other while not even taking a second to look at themselves. It very simple how they do it: They're elitists.

See, whenever they say people should do something, they assume everyone understands that it's implied that they mean "little, unimportant people." When they see the public, they see themselves as something completely separate from the unwashed masses. Elitist liberals can't comprehend why anyone would turn a critical eye to them when they are out to help and enlighten us. Why bite the hand that feeds you wisdom?

Liberals: the party of "DO WHAT I SAY, don't talk about what I do!!!"

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