16 April 2007

From the files of Stop the ACLU...

Comes this story of one of the ACLU's best and brightest (or is it darkest and dirtiest?) being busted for trying to solicit a little boy for sex.

Now, ask yourself something. Isn't the ACLU the group that doesn't want public libraries to be able to put anti-porn filters on their computers? Isn't it the ACLU that says once child porn is made, it's protected as "free-speech"? Isn't it the ACLU that doesn't want parents to have ANY kind of control over their children, and that the mother state government should be able to swoop in and do "what's best"? So, then, why does the ACLU still exist? I'll tell you why. Because there are a bunch of perverts out there who want to break down any barriers to men molesting children, and they know that the people of this country will not pass laws allowing these sick puppies to walk the streets if they do their vile deeds on their children.

Therefore, they have to look to the courts, find a judge that is a pedophile himself, and try to declare anti-pedophile laws as "unconstitutional." Which is why we need to pass a law through Congress and the Senate (you know, the people we ACTUALLY VOTE FOR) to repeal the law that allows them to collect legal fees when they are handed a "victory" in court on a silver platter by one of their comrades win a lawsuit. By attacking them in their wallet, we can slowly erode any influence they may have, and one day be finally rid of them. Until then, we need to expose these parasites for who they really are.

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