12 April 2007

Charges dropped. 'Nuff said.

It's over. Finally. The Tawana Brawley Duke stripper case against the kids from Duke has officially been squashed by the North Carolina State AG. How much? How much money has this case wasted for the people of North Carolina? How much time has it wasted for these kids that just happened to have too much money at the wrong time? How much of an embarassment have the people of Durham suffered because of this sham of a trial. (I'm not going to go where liberals go, and compare this to the trial of Christ. HE was TRULY innocent. He wasn't even guilty of bad judgment.) How long will it take before the lawyers for these kids run everybody involved through the wringer, and serve a warning for those who would do this in the future?

And speaking of the future, what does it hold for Mikey "Welcome to Burger King. May I take your order?" Nifong? He's pretty much through practicing law. (He practiced a lot. Unfortunately, he never got it right.) He's gonna get sued, lose everything, go on Oprah!, cry on 60 Minutes, and be loved on by every liberal kook on every kooky liberal blog. Speaking of blogs, LaShawn Barber has a timeline of yesterday's events at her blog. Be thankful we have people like LaShawn, who has been on top, over and in this thing from the git-go, and has exposed Nifong for the crook that he is since the outset.

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