02 March 2007

McCain issues aoplogy for "wasted lives" comment

During his appearance on David Letterman Wedenesday night, John McCain said:
Americans are very frustrated, and they have every right to be. We've wasted a lot of our most precious treasure--American lives--over there.
This after Barack Obama said earlier this month that these soldiers' lives were "wasted". McCain realized his mistake, and issued this statement:
I should have used the word ‘sacrificed,’ as I have in the past, No one appreciates and honors more than I do the selfless patriotism of American servicemen and women in the Iraq War.
I took Obama to task for his slip. And I believe I was right to do so. And I'm taking McCain to task also. Although right now he would me my choice (holding nose as I type this) for president, I really am surprised he used that word "wasted". I know he's been a dogged supporter of the war, and a veteran himself. But for someone who has been in politics, and who has done as much public speaking for as long as Mr. McCain has to say something like that, is unacceptable. And no, I don't think he actually apologized for what he said, just that he said it.

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