05 March 2007

How do some of these people stay on the air?

One drawback to going to the laundromat is you're stuck listening to what happens to be on the TV there. The one I went to this morning had Rachael Ray. Oy gevalt!! This woman could use a little decaf if you know what I mean. And the audience? Brainwashed as usual. This woman could tell the audience what time the clock on her kitchen wall said and they would burst into wild applause.

This morning she had on a mother who was forced at gunpoint to spend exorbatent amounts of money on her daughter. Well, she didn't say anything about "gunpoint", but to hear her talk, you'd think the woman didn't have any choice but to lay out whacky piles of cash so her ungrateful kid could lose her cell phone, buy $200 jeans, etc. This part here really made me laugh. The mother said:

She got $150 for Christmas. She wanted to buy a $160 pair of boots, so I had to give her the other $10.

You HAD to give it to her??? Are you nuts??? Hey lady, here's a concept that a lot of parents aren't aware of, but could save them a lot of money, trouble, and headaches--TELL HER NO!!!!! Sheesh!! "Mom, can you buy me these $200 jeans?? pleeeeeezzze???" "No." "But mom, I reeeeallly want them!!!" "No" "But mom!!!!! All of my friends are wearing them!!!!" "No." See how easy that was?

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