08 March 2007

But I thought bloggers weren't journalists???

At least that what all the liars "journalists" at the NY Slimes, the Washington Post, and every other left-wing outlet keep telling us. Oh...wait a minute...I think I understand now...if you're a RIGHT-WING BLOGGER you're not a "journalist", and you don't have first amendment protection. But if you're a LEFT-WING BLOGGER, that's a whole 'nother story:
Josh Wolf, a 24-year-old blogger, has spent more than six months behind bars in California -- the longest contempt-of-court term ever served by someone in the media -- for refusing to turn over a videotape he shot of a violent San Francisco demonstration against a Group of Eight summit meeting. Unless a mediation session today can break the impasse, he will likely remain imprisoned at least until the current grand jury's term expires in July.
(hat tip: Rhymes With Right, who has the full article at his site.)

So, who exactly was it that blew up Rathergate? Who was it that exposed (no pun intended) the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal? Who has been flooding the internet with the truth about the whole Joe Wilson-Valarie Plame-"Spies Like Us" fiasco? Who has been stressing all along that IT WAS NOT CHENEY, IT WAS NOT ROVE that "leaked" the name of a non-covert CIA desk warmer?

But this guy in SF shoots a video, releases to the press the portions that are favorable to his own cause, and he's a "journalist". That croaking sound you just heard was the dinaosaur called the "Mainstream" media slowly, painfully dying.

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