15 March 2007

Brad Stine--saying what needs to be said

I saw Brad Stine on Good Morning America this morning. Talk about waking up!! Here is a guy who is saying what many more people in the church should be saying--"Men, it's time for you to be men!!" Stop being all fluffy and "feminine". Start being the leaders, the masculine men you're supposed to be. Now, does that mean that we should domineer and lord over our women? NO!! Absolutely not!! But I like what he said at one point:
...women are never encouraged to find your masculine side. But men are being told to find their feminine side. And this has to stop.
I found my feminine side. I married her and I love her very much.
He goes on to say that the church is made up of men who arent perfect, who struggle and fail every day. But we're not about to fall prey to this Jesus that says, "Well, I know that you don't really believe what I said. And that's OK, I'll just 'turn the other cheek.'"

For the whole story, go here.

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