13 February 2007

Amanda Marcotte's short life as a presidential blogger...

Is over. Awww darn. Just when it was starting to get fun. Well, I guess now she doesn't have to worry about any of her bile spilling out into the public forum through Pretty Boy's blog. Now she can slink back to her hole, and write some more useless drivel about us "godbags."

Many on the left were wondering why we were so concerned about this relatively low-ranking position being filled by a rabid, frothy-mouthed, blasphemous moonbat like Ms. Marcotte. I'll tell you why. Because like any company, presidential candidates are judged by the people they hire for their staff. If Mitt Romney hired, say, David Duke to write his speeches, he would be villified to no end for allowing someone like Duke to be on his staff. And rightly so. David Duke is a hateful, demagogic, and just a downright evil man. In much the same way, Amanda Marcotte is a hateful, demagogic, and just downright evil woman.

So, farewell, Ms. Marcotte. You may now continue your career as a Christian-hating bigot. Good bye!!

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