12 January 2007

The will(y-nilly) of the people

Uhh boy. A few days ago, I posted about Dick Durbin asking the radicals over at DailyKos to tell him how to do his job. (What could it hurt? It's obvious he doesn't know what the Sam Hill he's doing in the first place.) Well, they told him, and John Hawkins has it at Right Wing News.

This one is especially...umm, enlightening:
"Absolutely-Fight Propaganda-Reinstate Fairness doctrine!

The exposure to a balance of opposing viewpoints presented in the media is vital for people in a Democracy to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, with so much of the media now owned by right wing conservatives like Rupert Murdoch, the views of Democratics and progressives--including important statements and views of Democrats in Congress--in this country have been stifled, especially over the last six years.

Entire "News" networks and the vast majority of "talk radio" stations are dominated by right wing pundits, ceaslessly pushing an ultra-conservative agenda. Most of their "expert" commentators have obvious conservative bias and many are employed by conservative think tanks or political groups. People without access to the web and blogs like Daily kos are left without an objective news source." -- kurious
OK, first of all, what's this whole thing about "People without access to the web and blogs like DailyKos are left without an objective news source"? DKos isn't "objective" (Mr. Moulitas will tell you that himself), they are opposed to people like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, etc. Which is fine, we do have the freedom to stand for or against anything and everything we see fit. But, don't go around saying that it's unfair that Air America went down the sewer hole (financially, if not politically) while Rush, Hannity, etc are dominant in the ratings. THAT'S CALLED THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, FOLKS!!! If you don't like it, let the liberals put someone on the air that makes sense, is coherent with their thoughts, and that people want to hear. I mean, they have to have somebody.....anybody.....helloooooooooo?????

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