08 January 2007

Well, apparently some families need help paying their holiday bills

At least that's one way to explain a New Hampshire family's pimping before the camera, trying to get some coinage from Disney. Apparently, their son was in an altercation with Tigger--TIGGER, folks!!!--at DisneyWorld, and have hired a lawyer to extract an apology (can you say, "cha-ching"?) from the Disney folks. (video here)

The family stands behind the son saying it happened "out of the blue". A couple things: (1) if anybody has kids, and they have never lied about doing something wrong, please call this family, they would love to hear from you. (2) having worked with kids, I've learned that when someone does something to another, there was usually something that provoked it, it didn't just happen "out of the blue". And honestly, if you watch the family video, it does look like the kid did something to provoke the poor guy in the suit.

But to hear the family tell it, the kid was mauled by a bunch of frothing cougars! The father says that they had to take the kid to the emergency room!!! Are you kidding me???? Watch the video enough, and you'll see that the kid was not hurt, he was in fact smiling after it happened!!!

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