02 January 2007

Time to get rid of the Carr

Yeah, he coached the Maize and Blue to the '97 title. Yeah, he beat John Cooper like a rented coach. But, ever since Jim Tressel set up shop in Columbus, the Bucks have been eating our lunch, and we've lost three Rose Bowls in four years (twice to USC), and lost four straight bowl games overall. The debacle on January 1st has got to be the last straw. That was one of the most abysmal performances I've seen from the Wolverines in many years.

I don't think it's due to a lack of talent (except maybe at wideout. We need more than one deep threat if we're going to keep up with OSU and USC). We always have decent OL's and tight ends. And Chad Henne, when given time, can throw in a hurricane. That said, I really think it does come down to the coaching. So, while Lloyd may have had a good run, I really think it's time the higher-ups at Ann Arbor looked for new field leadership.

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