04 January 2007

Duke players allowed back at school

Real Clear Politics has the story. There's really not much to it. Of course, if they had been expelled from the college, the Lamestream Media would have flooded the airwaves with stories about it. Alas, all their fondest dreams didn't come true, and the worst of the charges were dropped after Mikey "Of course I know the law!! I watch Boston Legal!!!" Nifong finally realized that there wasn't any evidence that any rape had occeured, or that the players had even engaged in intercourse with the accuser. But, that's okay. Once the NC Bar Assoc. disbars him, and once the NC Conference of District Attorneys gets through raking him over, under, and through the coals, Oprah's shoulder will be right there, waiting for his tears.

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Anonymous said...

It's about time! Finally Braodhead grew a few.