04 December 2006

The Nightmare that is the BCS

As a Michigan fan, I was a bit torn this weekend after Florida won the SEC title. On one hand, I wanted another shot at the Bucks. On the other hand, I knew everybody who didn't want UM in the title game would be hollering and griping. But, in the end, it doesn't really matter. The BCS sucks. And until they fix (read: GET RID OF) it, unless there are exactly two undefeated teams in the country, then no matter who winds up in the title game people are gonna gripe.

Here's my soultion: Structure a playoff where ONLY conference champions get in.
Big East
Big Ten
Mountain West

1) Use the same formula as the BCS, and seed them according to their ranking.
2) #8 and #9 seeds hold a "play-in" game (Holiday Bowl)
3) #1 plays 8-9 winner in Gator Bowl; #2 plays #7 in Cotton Bowl.
4) Remaining 2 quarterfinal slots (along with 2 semifinal games) rotated among BCS bowls.
5) National Championship game given its own name.

This way, every conference can match up with others to see who the big dog REALLY is. An undefeated Boise State can see if they're good enough to hang with a one-loss Florida. If so, then so be it. And hopefully, no more whining.

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