11 December 2006

I support LaShawn Barber, even though...

She is a minority, and also a woman.

Why is it they say they are so tolerant of everybody, yet when someone disagrees with them, they are some of the most intolerant sots on the planet??? They go around singing "Cumbaya", but then want to fight as soon as they hear the name "Bush" (unless, of course, you are using "bush" to describe a certain member of the Cannibis family). They talk about cleaning up the planet, but can't find the time to take a bath. They'll crush Mel Gibson for blowing smoke when he's drunk, but give Kramer and Rosie O a wink and a pass when these people are (or, appear to be) stone sober. To borrow from one of my favorite commercials:

"What smells like old cheese?"
"Aww, that's just the typical liberal double standard, honey!!"

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