04 December 2006

The Flying Imams

With all the hubris going on about the Imams on the US Airways flight that
1) Stood up together just before take-off and shouted "Allah!! Allah!!"
2) Made derogatory remarks about the United States
3) Sat in seats near all the emergency exits
4) Asked for seat belt extensions when they didn;t need them

how could anybody ever think they were up to something? (Of course I'm being sarcastic.) If somebody from a group that hates my country is doing something that I perceive as being threatening, I'll do something if somebody doesn't do it first. Should we be afraid of Arabs getting on an airplane as a big group? Yes. We weren't afraid before Spetember 11th, 2001. We can't afford ourselves that luxury anymore. Arabs traveling in groups SHOULD be eyed with suspicion anywhere they are.

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