08 December 2006

The enemy of the enemy of my enemy...I'm getting a headache!!

The Florida Gators and the Ohio State Buckeyes are playing for the National Championship. I can't stand either one. I'm a Tennessee and Michigan fan. (That is a story in and of itself.) So who would I rather see win? Neither one. I wish they could end up tied and whoever is number 3 would get the title.

By the same token, Arianna Huffington and Hillary Clinton are feuding. Whose side would I take in this? I really couldn't give a rat's tooth. They're both the best thing that could happen to the Republican Party. If we can keep people like Arianna, Charles Rangel, Jack Murtha, and the DailyKos in the forefront as being the "mainstream" of the Democratic Party, we'll have a good shot at getting back control in 2008. I would hope that once the people sleep off the hangover of the election night bender they went on, they will realize what a mistake they made, and not make it again.

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