25 December 2006

The Christmas story

It didn't begin in Bethlehem. It didn't begin with mary being told by the angel that although she was a virgin, she would conceive by the Holy Spirit. It began some 6000 years ago, in the Garden of Eden, right after Adam decided he just couldn't keep his grubby paws off of that fruit. The first reference to Jesus we find in the Bible is in Genesis 3:15. The "Seed of the woman", of course, refers to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He would have His heel bruised by the sting of death. But, He would rise again three days later, and crush the head of the serpent, in overcoming the grave (1st Corinthians 15:54-57).

Many have wondered, however, whether Christ really was born of a chaste virgin. OF COURSE HE WAS!! If He wasn't, He would have inherited the same sinful nature as every single other person who has ever been born. That's why GOD referred to Him as the seed of the woman. You see, the Bible always refers to children as being the "seed" of their father. But, Jesus is called the "seed" of Eve. Thus, He did not inherit Adam's sin. (And don't be fooled. It was Adam's sin. Eve was deceived, Adam knew better.)

And even then, when man had fallen from his state of perfect communion with GOD, and had become His enemy, GOD already had a way planned for us to be reconciled to Himself. How many people do you know that would do that? When you've talked about them like a dog, when you've done everything you could to disrespect them, would give up their only child for you to avoid a terrible fate. Well, GOD did just that. We were enemies with GOD (Romans 5:10), and yet He sent His only begotten Son to His death (John 3:16) so we could spend eternity with Him, and He could be glorified in us. If you can think of any gift bought at the store that could ever compare to the beauty, or the glory, of this greatest Gift of all, let me know.

Untuil then, may you have a most blessed Christmas, and a wonderful new year!!

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