21 November 2006

Something I learned from green tea today:

People hear that green tea has antioxidants. "OOOHH!!! I need to drink green tea!! It has antioxidants!!" Not having a clue about what antioxidants are or what they do. But, people get the idea that they can eat whatever they want, drink some green tea or pop a couple Lipitor®, and everything's okey-dokey.

In a lot of ways, many people outside (and yes, even some inside) the church think the same way when it comes to spiritual matters. They think they can live however they want, as long as they go on Sunday and pop 'em a Lipitor®. But in some ways, spiritual matters are like physical matters. You have to be disciplined, it has to be an everyday effort, and you have to have a long-term philosophy about it.

Stepping down off my soapbox now.

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