28 November 2006

Pope Benedict: Fence Mender

The Pope is in Turkey today to "mend fences" between the Roman Catholic "church" and Islam. The whole hubbub started in September when he (rightly) pointed out that the writings of the (pedophile) "prophet" Mohammed were "evil and inhumane." (Uh, yeah. That's what we've been trying to tell people!!) To which the Muslim world said, "Do not call us violent!! We are not violent!! If you call us violent again, WE WILL KILL YOU IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MERCIFUL!!!!!!!"

Islam is not a "religion of peace". It is a religion of war. That's how it was spread during the 7th century A.D. Of course, your kids won't read that in their history books. That might be "offensive", it might go against somebody's "sensitivities." Islam (a word which literally means "submission") was spread by the edge of a sword. Today, it is being spread by jet planes and IED's (and ignorance).

But don't call them violent. They just might kill you.

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