25 November 2006

HuffPo: All We Want For Christmas Is Dick Cheney Dead

Have you ever heard someone yelling threats at another person, and thought they were joking, only to discover moments later that they were serious? Here's this little tidbit from the always idiotic Huffington Post. If Arriana Huffington isn't one of the dumbest people on the planet, I don't know what qualifies. Especially if she's letting this kind of lunacy onto her website. This ditz has managed to do the impossible: she makes Wonkette look smart. (Did I just say that? [shudder])

I'm no fan of Pelosi, Schumer, or anybody named Kennedy or Clinton. Do I wish they wouold be driven off the national stage? Definitely. Do I hope they get humiliated in their next election? Of course. Do I pray for their DEATH? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! But, that just goes to show you the mindset of a typical liberal. HuffPo, Kos, DU, etc. That, my friends, is the mindset of the democratic Party. Get used to it.

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