22 February 2008

The day Rodney Howard Browne almost sold out Madison Square Garden

He only came up about 18,000 seats short of that goal. The article is from 1999, but it gives you a good idea what kind of a "prophet" this jamoke is. (From Cross+Word). If you click the link and read the article, make sure you read all the way down. I shows you waht kind of a miscreant RHB really is, and what he considers to be his "true calling"--
“This man has a vision, and God is going to honor it!” So says Rick Shelton, pastor of Life Christian Center in St. Louis, of one Rodney Howard-Browne, self-proclaimed “Holy Spirit bartender” and the man who brought ‘holy laughter’ to America.

I wonder amid thunderous applause and cheering when it was, exactly, that God started honoring the visions of men. Who reversed the roles? And by what authority?

But this audience seemed quite convinced of the truth of this statement. And Howard-Browne himself certainly must have been, to rent out Madison Square Garden in the heart of Manhattan with a seating capacity of 20,000 for a full month’s time, ‘believing God’ for the three million dollars needed to pay for it.

A down-payment of $500,000 was apparently made, with the rest due to come in with the ‘masses of people’ who’d be brought into the Kingdom through his outreach and of course would immediately have the means and willingness to give generously to his offerings.

He’s not looking quite so confident now, however. On the first Friday night of this crusade, perhaps 2,000 people ‘flocked’ to hear the message. Ironically, the number of volunteers for this outreach is about 2100.

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