02 January 2008

Make sure you bring your McBible!

Truth Matters has another example of the watered-down, man-centered, just-do-it-as-long-as-it-gets-them-in-the-doors "worship" so prevelant in many "churches" today.

The church in question calls it "McWorship"--and they have golden arches and Mickey-D character cutouts on the stage. But it's more like worshipping at Burger King--people can have worship "their way." funny, I always thought we should do things God's way. Anyhoo.

Hmmm. I wonder what a jingle for that would sound like? (To the tune of Burger King's "Have It Your Way"):

Don't preach on sin or repentance
Don't use them in any sentence
Otherwise you might scare off the seekers in here!

Don't preach too much from the Bible
Or call people to revival
'Cause they might think of God as someone they should fear!

(Let 'em)
Have it their way--have it their way!
(Let 'em)
Have it their way--at our seeker-friendly church!

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