02 November 2007

Good news from Mike Murdock!!

Now you too can sow an Uncommon Seed into his wallet ministry, and he will reap the rewards of your hard work!

Just for grins, I signed up to get e-mail updates from him. This is his latest sham flim-flammery deal:
Dear Partner,

An Instruction Decides a Season!
In Chicago, I received an instruction from a man of God...obeyed it...and my house was debt-free within eight months. In Columbus, OH, I received an instruction to sow a specific Seed and created a Life-Time Blessing on my life. In Washington, CD, I received an instruction to sow a seed according to the number of blessings listed in the Bible. It has unleashed waves of supernatural events ever since. I watched a man of God explain passionately on television about the power of the number seven. Seven dips in Jordan...completed the healing of Naaman's leprosy. Seven times around Jericho...seven days in a row...completed the destruction of the walls of Jericho. In Seven days God completed the creation of The Universe and rested on the Seventh Day.

It is the seventh year of this century, 2007. I have been personally inpacted with the surging stirring in my spirit to sow an Uncommon Seed of $777.00 into the work of God. I have felt impressed to ask The Holy Spirit to select the Harvest of His own choosing...wherever He feels that I need it the most. The miraculous has already started.

Will you be one of the 777 partners who will sow an Uncommon Seed of $777.00 during 2007? Listen to the inner promptings of The Holy Spirit. You will know His Voice. Allow Him to choose the supernatural Harvest...as you will see Him complete a miracle you have been desiring!

You will love the three significant gifts I have prepared for you (The Wisdom Bible...The Millionaire 300 Conference CD Set and The School of the Bible CD Set.)

Your new season is just a Seed away.

Your prayer partner

OK, there is just so much wrong with this, let's start at the top, shall we?

  • Well, just like all the best prosperity hucksters, it starts with a "word from a man of God," (Notice, no name given) and how following this advice, he was MIRACULOUSLY delivered from (insert burden here).
  • Then, we get the emotional pitch about the number 7. Hmm. That's odd. "Dr." Murdock says that "In Seven days God completed the creation of The Universe and rested on the Seventh Day." I must be using the wrong Bible, because in mine, it says that God finished the work of creation on the sixth day, then rested on the 7th. Maybe I just need to get me one of them-thar "Wisss-dom Bibles."
  • Then we see the apex of the emotion-driven "surging in the spirit" about the number 7. Yes, the year is 2007. According to the calendar we have now. But, when you keep in mind that calendars have been changed so many times over the years, it may very well be 2050. Besides, the number 2007 is based on how many years it is estimated have elapsed since the birth of Christ. Many scholars believe it may be in what we now call 4 BC. So, in all actuality, this may be 2003 2011.
  • Question about this "surging of the spirit." 2007 is almost over. It's November already. The eleventh month of the year. If the number 7 is so important, why didn't the Holy Spirit impress upon "Dr." Murdock to sow his "Uncommon Seed" in July--the seventh month of the year?
  • Now, we get to the real point of this message: "Will you be one of the 777 partners who will sow an Uncommon Seed..." Yep, if you're gonna make the money, ya gotta make the money pitch!
You know, of all the prosperity hucksters, "Dr." Murdock is about the most transparent, other than Rod "I want your money, I deserve it" Parsley. At leats the Kenny-Benny-Creflo Show twist a little bit of Scripture to try and make their point. "Dr." Murdock just uses a bunch of flim-flammery to deceive his sheeple.

If you want to watch a video (about 7 minutes long--hah, I just realized the irony of that!) of this nonsense, click here.

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