19 October 2007

Osteen not having his "best sales now" in persecuted countries

Found this at Tom in the Box (a satire site). Not sure if this is satire, but it sounds like it could be true (at least the premise).
The 10/40 window is also the area of the world where Christians face the most persecution. The worst persecutors, such as North Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Sudan, all fall into this critical window of the world (North Korea is actually not labeled on this map because it is so dangerous for Christians to even be there).

TBNN has learned that Christians who live in these countries just do not find Pastor Osteen's books relevant. For example, despite the fact that "Your Best Life Now" was translated into Korean, the North Korean Christians just do not want to read it.

North Korean Pastor Kim Sung-Wei (named changed for security reasons) told TBNN, "North Korean Christians face great difficulty each day. If the authorities find out that we serve Jesus, they will take away our homes and jobs. If they find us meeting together for worship, they will throw us in jail. As a pastor, I have been beaten three times already this year. This man, Osteen, writes about things that we do not understand."

"Your Best Life Now," while being a best-seller in the USA, sold five copies in Pyongyang, and three in the remainder of the country. We have heard of similar stories in much of the rest of the 10/40 window.

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