23 October 2007

Another case of politically correct stupidity gone wild

As if this wasn't bad enough. Now, a second-grader gets suspended for...drum roll...drawing a gun. That's right folks. THE KID GOT SUSPENDED FOR A DOODLE!!! (Via Newsday):
DENNIS TOWNSHIP, N.J. - A second-grader's artistic effort has got him in trouble.

Seven-year-old Kyle Walker was suspended for one day last week by school officials in Cape May County for
drawing a stick figure shooting a gun.

His mother told The Press of Atlantic City that officials at Dennis Township Primary School told her the drawing violated a zero-tolerance policy for guns.

Shirley McDevitt said the boy told her
the drawing showed a water gun and not a firearm.

School officials declined to comment on Friday, and a message left at the superintendent's office on Saturday was not immediately returned.

The case is not the first in New Jersey in which students were suspended for depictions of weapons.

Four kindergarten boys were suspended in 2000 for playing cops and robbers, even though they were using their fingers as guns.
For crying out loud, I would have been expelled--along with the rest of my buddies--for the rest of my life and never allowed within ten miles of a school if these cheeseballs were in charge when I was in 2nd grade! We drew guns, and bombs, and fighter planes, and knives, and arrows, and all kinds of weapons. When was the last time I held someone up at gunpoint. Hmmm, let me think. Oh, yeah. NEVER!

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