17 September 2007

Uniforms through the years--downgrades part 1

Sometimes, a team doesnt know when to leave well enough alone, and change uni's just...because. These are some examples of teams that (a) should have left their uni's alone or (b) that's the best they could come up with? Starting with the 10th worst "downgrade":

10) Baltimore Orioles

They went from the cool "bird" design to...eh.

9) Vancouver Canucks

From the "skate in motion" to a crappy-looking "Orca" coming out of the "C".

8) Houston Astros

It was bad enough they ditched the "rainbow" jerseys. They then went from the kinda OK design on the left to the snoozer on the right.

7) Cincinatti Bengals

After performing one of the classic upgrades in the history of sports apparel, they changed into some circus-looking things.

6) New York (football) Giants

It was bad enough they changed into some dingy-looking grey pants, but then they went back to the lower-case "ny", from the more imposing all-capital "GIANTS".

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