21 September 2007

Media bias? Huh, what?

Nah, the MSM isn't made up of a bunch of rabid, left-wing, anti-Semites. Uh, yeah, right. That's why they're giving Ahmedinajean the red-carpet treatment. (Hijacked from Hot Air):
It’s the luncheon part that’s so precious. Listening to him speak is disgusting enough but that at least can be spun as knowing thine enemy. To follow the session with a jolly repast just points up how casually they’re treating it. Watch him show off his just-asking-questions Holocaust dance moves, then knock back a glass of wine and some strip steak. It’s dinner theater. What filth.

LGF also notes that the latest word from Iranian media is that
he’s still coming to Ground Zero. That contradicts what the Iranian mission in NYC said last night and what Bloomberg told a radio show this morning, but Tehran would obviously know his plans better than they would. If he goes down there, prepare to see the photos of it included in every last campaign post I write from now until the election, all of them emblazoned with the “Brought to you by the RNC” motto. Just my little contribution to the mass scalp-taking that’s going to occur among Republicans if they let this fiasco happen.

Update: Cowboy diplomacy!

Nah, nothing to see here. Just your usual left-wing media cozying up to terrorists. Same old, same old.

How dare the media coddle this anti-Semite who wants to blow Isarel off the map? Oh, wait. My bad. It's Israel that's the terrorist state. They're the ones who crashed the planes on 9/11. They're the ones who blow up innocent men, women and children with suicide bombs, because that's what their Qur'an tells them to do. It's Israel that is trying to get nukes so they can wipe out the Middle East. And Ahmedinajean is a good little choir boy. Yeah, right.

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