13 March 2008

FLUFFERNUTTER ALERT: Oprah's New-Age "Christianity"

ReformationNation has a great post about some new "Oprah Book Club" book written by yet another New Age "guru." Here is Oprah Winfrey, showing the world that she really knows nothing about Christ, or why Christ came to earth:

So, she "took God our of the box." I didn't know He was ever IN a box. I just always assumed He was on His throne in Heaven.

First, God IS a jealous God. He does not want to share us with any other thing that calls itself God--especially that idol called "self."

Second, Christ did not come to teach us about some so-called "Christ consciousness." He came to save sinners and glorify God. If it was just about some "consciousness," then why the Cross? Ah yes, the cross. "To the Jews a stumblingblock, to the Greeks foolishness" (1st Corinthians 1:23). See, whenever some open-theist tries to say that Christ just came to teach "love, joy and happiness," they trip on the cross. Although I will give Oprah this much: Christ did NOT come to "start Christianity." Following Him is not a religion. It is life itself.

Third, she denies the truth about Christ because of some "feeling she had in her heart." That's dangerous ground to tread. It's how many people get sucked up into Mormonism because they have some "burning in the bosom."

Fourth, this nonsense about "man invented God." That's a bunch of crap that doesn't even deserve a response.