19 December 2007

Top 20 Christian albums--#3

dc Talk--Jesus Freak

OK, if the first Christian band you listened to wasn't Third Day, or Chris Tomlin, then it had to be dc Talk. How can one argue with the message of the title track? "I don't really care if they label me a Jesus Freak/There ain't no disguisin' the truth!" And so many of these songs speak about our walk: "What If I Stumble?", and "Day By Day" and "What Have We Become?" Throw in Kevin Smith's haunting vocals, and you've got one of the most enduring records in modern Christian music.


1. So Help Me God
2. Colored People
3. Jesus Freak
4. What If I Stumble
5. Day By Day
6. The Morgans
7. Between You And Me
8. Like It, Love It, Need It
9. Jesus Freak Reprise
10. In The Light
11. What Have We Become
12. Mind's Eye

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