20 December 2007

Top 20 Christian albums--#2

Third Day--Offerings: A Worship Album

When it comes to flat-out great worship music, "Offerings" is stuffed from the frist track to the last. Another group that takes their lyrics right from Scripture--From "King of Glory" (Psalm 24) to "These Thousand Hills" (Psalm 50:10) to "Thief" (Luke 23:43), every song on tis disc paints a portrait of a God who loved us so much that He took on sinful flesh to suffer and die for us. And as the words of "Love Song" (the song my wife and I had sung at our wedding) declare, "I promise/I would do it all again."


1. King Of Glory
2. These Thousand Hills
3. Your Love Oh Lord
4. Agnus Dei/Worthy
5. Saved
6. My Hope Is You
7. You're Everywhere
8. Thief
9. Consuming Fire
10. All The Heavens
11. Love Song

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