05 November 2007

Was this what Adrian Rogers fought for?

It truly is a sad day when the head of the Southern Baptist Convention--the man who is supposed to reflect the teachings of the SBC--says something like this (H/T: Paul, a commenter at Joining God in His Work):
[SBC President Richard] Land explained that he would look at Mormonism "as another faith in the same sense that I would look upon Islam as another faith. I think the fairest and most charitable way to define Mormonism would be to call it the fourth Abrahamic religion — Judaism being the first, Christianity being the second, Islam being the third, and Mormonism being the fourth. And Joseph Smith would play the same character in Mormonism that Muhammad plays in Islam."

Yeah, Richie, they do play the same part: illiterate, polygamous, pedophile, false prophet. This is truly sad. I don't know how else to say it. Adrian Rogers fought tooth-and-nail to keep the SBC from drifting away from the truth of Scriptures. If it were not for the late Dr. Rogers, the SBC might very well look like the Episcopal Church, just kinda making up their beliefs as they go along.

Now, if it were possible, you could hear a spinning sound just outside of Memphis. That would be the great Dr. Rogers spinning in his grave.

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