07 November 2007

Top 20 Christian albums: #18 and #17

We're countin' 'em down...on 4Point-20 [/Casey Kasem]

18) Hillsong--You Are My World

#18--The worship team from Hillsong Church in Australia. If you have never heard any of their songs--eh, what am I talking about? Darlene Szczech and her colleagues have written some of the most-often-performed songs in churches today. "You Are My World" contains songs that reflect a love for, and an awesome respect for, the Most High God.


1. Your Love Is Beautiful
2. God is Great
3. All of my Days
4. Emmanuel
5. You Stand Alone
6. Irresistable
7. You Are My World
8. Everything That Has Breath
9. God So Loved
10. To You
11. Worthy Is the Lamb
12. Forever
13. My Best Friend

17) Nichole Nordeman--Woven and Spun

#17--Nichole Nordeman showed that she is one of the best songwriters in Christian music with her effort. No high-powered vocals, no long musical riffs. Just her smooth vocals and her humble attitude of worship and love for God.


1. Holy
2. Mercies New
3. Healed
4. Legacy
5. I Am
6. In Your Eyes
7. Even Then
8. Never Loved You More
9. Take Me As I Am
10. Doxology
11. My Offering
12. Gratitude

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